When Should You Retain an Employment Lawyer? | Rogers and Company

When Should You Retain an Employment Lawyer?

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When Should You Retain an Employment Lawyer?

When Should You Retain an Employment Lawyer? | Rogers and CompanyAre you planning to file a worker’s compensation claim after being injured at work? Or perhaps you’re an employer who needs to discontinue an employee benefit plan at your company? In either of these cases and any other situation with legal implications, you should seek legal advice from an employment lawyer.

An employment lawyer can help employers and employees resolve legal issues in the workplace. An experienced employment lawyer can help employees ensure their rights are protected and receive fair treatment. If retained by an employer, a lawyer can work with a company to help them meet and follow labour laws as well as avoid any costly mistakes when navigating employee-employer complications.

Whether you are an employee or employer, retaining an employment lawyer is beneficial when problems arise in your workplace. Continue reading to learn how an employment lawyer can assist you.

Workplace harassment

If you are suffering from harassment or discrimination at your workplace, you should contact an employment lawyer. An experienced lawyer can determine if your rights have been violated, the best course of legal action, and ensure you are fairly compensated for any damages. They can also help enforce workplace policies to protect other employees from discrimination.

As an employer, it is alarming to discover an employee has filed a complaint of harassment against the company. A lawyer can help you handle any complaints or employee issues in a way that best protects the company’s status and finances.

Employee termination

An employee who has been unfairly dismissed or must negotiate a severance package may benefit from hiring a lawyer. If your employer has violated your employment contract or has terminated your position in retaliation for exercising your legal rights, a lawyer will help you retain your employment or achieve another reasonable outcome.

When your employment comes to an end, you may need to negotiate a severance package with your employer. A skilled lawyer can review your severance package and negotiate on your behalf so you can focus on your future.

Employment lawyers can also assist employers when they plan to lay off a large number of employees. An employer opens themselves up to possible lawsuits if contract terminations are done without legal advice. Before terminating employees, you should discuss the best options and potential outcomes with an experienced lawyer.

Workplace benefits

Have your employee benefits suddenly changed? Are you struggling to receive the workplace benefits you are entitled to? Whether you need legal advice on medical benefits, pension plans, or worker’s compensation claims, an employment lawyer can help you receive the benefits your employee owes you.

As an employer, if you have made the mistake of not granting an employee their workplace benefits, an employment lawyer can advise you on the best course of action. You should also consult an experienced lawyer if your company needs to change or reduce employee benefits. Without this advice, you may be at risk of violating employee rights and face legal consequences.

Employment lawyer in Oakville

If you are an employee or employer facing complex legal issues at your place of work, you should contact a skilled employment lawyer to make sure your rights are protected.

At Rogers & Company Professional Corporation, we have a great team of employment lawyers in Oakville who can help you. Contact us now to connect with a lawyer and find out more about our services.

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