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Swearing of Affidavits

A person may be required to swear an Affidavit for various reasons.  Affidavits play a significant role in litigation, but may also be required in other circumstances.

An Affidavit is a document that contains a statement that is to be within the knowledge, information and/or belief of the party making the statement (known as the “deponent”), which statement the deponent swears to be true.

A Commissioner of Oaths and/or a Notary Public is authorized to administer an oath or affirmation and commission an Affidavit, thereby making the document official.

The deponent must be physically present when the commissioner and/or notary public executes the Affidavit.

Statutory Declarations

Certain statutes require the execution of declarations to evidence that individuals (known as “declarants”) attest to certain facts.

A Commissioner of Oaths and/or a Notary Public is authorized to witness the execution of any declaration required by statute.

The declarant must be physically present when the commissioner and/or notary public witnesses the Statutory Declaration.

Travel Consent Authorizations

Children younger than the age of majority who are travelling without both parents will be required by many governments, including the Canadian government, to carry a Travel Consent Authorization, except in certain limited circumstances.  Such documents are to be executed by the parent who will not be travelling with the child and should confirm that parent’s agreement to the planned travel.  The execution of this document by the non-travelling parent should be undertaken in front of a Notary Public who will notarize and sign the document in order to make it official.

Failure to equip a child with a properly completed Travel Consent Authorization may result in officials refusing to permit the child to travel.  Travel Consent Authorizations may be required if the child is travelling with one parent, without his/her parents and/or where the child has an only parent as identified on the child’s birth certificate—in which case a notarized copy of the birth certificate or the original birth certificate will be required.

Letters of Invitation

Where certain foreign nationals wish to visit Canada, they will need to apply for a Visa from the Government of Canada.  The Letter of Invitation may be required as part of the application process for the Visa.

The Letter of Invitation is written by a Canadian resident who wishes to invite a foreign national to Canada.  It includes various pieces of information, as more particularly described on the Government of Canada website

The Letter of Invitation is executed in front of a Notary Public and is, thereafter, ready to be submitted in support of the Visa application.

Authentication of Copies of Documents

There may be times when you will need to submit documents for purposes that will require that you submit authenticated or notarized copies of the same rather than sending the original document(s).  A Notary Public can review the original document and provide a Notarial Certificate, to be attached to a copy of the original document, which attests to the fact that the copy is a true representation of the original document.  By this means, a copy of the document, along with the Notarial Certificate, may be submitted in lieu of the original document.

Our Notary Services and Related Fees

We can assist with the preparation and execution of any of the foregoing documents.  If you have a document that simply requires execution in front of a lawyer, our standard charge is $50.00.  If you require us to prepare the document(s), additional charges will apply.  If you require us to attend at an address of your choosing to execute a document, there is a charge of $100.00, plus 68¢/km from our office to the requested address applied to the fee.  Please contact our office to arrange for a notary and/or commissioning appointment.