Client Service

The factual issues which give rise to legal conflict can be emotionally draining, daunting, stressful, time consuming to deal with, financially significant, and in some instances, financially threatening.

Clients need to be protected by lawyers who understand the myriad of client concerns at play when legal matters are escalated. Clients need to know that their lawyer is engaged with their matter, understands the facts and law specific to their matter, has time to deal with their matter and, most importantly, is genuinely concerned about resolving the matter on terms acceptable to the client. A lawyer must treat his or her client as the lawyer would want and/or expect to be treated if the lawyer found himself or herself in the same fact situation as does the client.

Rogers & Company was born out of its founder’s dissatisfaction with the client services aspect of legal firms practicing in the area of litigation. Most firms seem to focus primarily on their own financial bottom line when determining suitable lawyer staffing levels. This can lead to situations where too few lawyers are handling too many files. When lawyers become overburdened, their ability to know the particulars of each client’s file and to advance each client’s matter efficiently and effectively is diminished. In our view, this type of approach leads to lower overall productivity, lower client satisfaction and lower lawyer satisfaction.

At Rogers & Company, our primary aim is to optimize client satisfaction. We aim to ensure that we have a sufficient number of legal professionals to most effectively advance your legal matter and achieve positive results. We are of the view that if our clients are satisfied with our services and we have achieved positive results on their behalf, they will recommend us to others. What we incur in upfront costs for legal professionals we believe we can make up for in the volume of business gained as a consequence of providing excellent client service and achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Our promises to our clients:

  • We will respond to your communications within a reasonable period of time;
  • We will advance your matter efficiently;
  • We will report to you regularly regarding the status of your matter;
  • We will keep you apprised of the costs associated with your matter.