Core Values

Honesty • Integrity • Results


The relationship between lawyer and client is a relationship of trust. Clients rely on their lawyer to provide suitable and timely advice in order to avoid or limit potential liability and/or maximize rights based financial recoveries. In performing these tasks on behalf of clients, lawyers must be honest and forthright and must always remember that their duty, first and foremost, is a duty to act in the best interests of the client.

At Rogers & Company we take these obligations very seriously. We will provide you with our honest opinion, based on your specific fact situation and the law, as to whether a claim should be pursued, defended, abandoned and/or whether a suitable settlement negotiation should be pursued.

While we will always initially attempt to resolve matters where possible, we will readily and effectively pursue litigation where the opposing party refuses to resolve the issues at hand on reasonable terms.

Throughout the litigation process, we will advise you as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case and will provide you with our honest opinion regarding the viability of your legal matter as new facts come to light, in order to empower you to make suitable choices regarding settlement and/or advancement of the matter as the litigation progresses.


Regardless of why you come to a litigation and/or employment lawyer, there is almost certainly a dispute in which you are involved for which you are seeking a suitable and cost-effective solution.

It is our job to create the environment in which you can achieve that solution. We take that job very seriously. We will apply our experience, knowledge and skill to place you in the best possible situation, given your particular fact situation, to achieve the result that you are seeking.

The resolution of your matter is always ultimately your decision. We understand that where we can achieve efficient and favourable results for our clients, they will refer us to their friends, families and colleagues and this understanding motivates us constantly to resolve matters as efficiently and favourably, form your perspective, as possible.