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Can I Receive Free Employment Advice?

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Workplace discrimination, pay inequity, and near murder abound in the comedic movie 9 to 5, about three 1980s secretaries who boldly fix their own work conflicts. But, real-life employment disputes will require professional knowledge.

Our ‘
Free Advice Quick-Call’ at (905) 901 3685 can help to uncover your options.

Living in a society of greater self-awareness does not necessarily mean there are fewer impasses, especially in the workplace. Whether you are an employer or an employee, there comes a moment when you realize something feels wrong, and you may not know how to proceed.  

“Employee-to-employer disagreements are first, always about emotions.” 

For as long as there have been hierarchies of power, there have been conflicts. At Rogers & Company Professional Corporation, we are sensitive to the nuances of those emotions, and an individual’s need to be heard. 

Whether you are an employer with conflict resolution concerns or an employee wondering about your legal rights in the workplace, our long-established, home-run team helps find the solutions specific to your concerns. 

Located in the centre of Oakville, we are less than 30 minutes from a group of cities; Burlington, Milton, and Mississauga, with a combined working population of approximately 400,000 people. We’ve helped hundreds of unsure and dissatisfied individuals within the Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, and Burlington areas find peace and resolution relative to their legal workplace disputes.

When Should I Take Legal Action Against my Employer or Employee?

Employment advice can be stressful - Rogers

You may be considering suing your employer, employee, or for that matter, anyone who has caused you detriment. The maximum time that you can wait to file a claim, although not absolute, is generally two years from when the injury is caused.

Damages are felt whenever a person has been injured or has suffered a loss because of the wrongful conduct of another. Legally, the word damages refers to a monetary loss and/or the corresponding compensation claimed. 

Contract breaches that lead to financial loss, violations of a non-competition clause, or forms of theft are common concerns for an employer that regularly lead to suing for damages. 

Employees are more likely to be the party suing; wrongful dismissal, extraordinary damages, and human rights damages are the main causes of action raised by employees. We will discuss more details in our next article.

Who Handles Employment Conflicts?

Who handles employment conflicts? Rogers & Company Professional Incorporation

You should always discuss how you feel with your employer, employee, or the person with whom a concern has arisen.

If talks progress or escalate to the point of no return, and if you’re uncomfortable with accepting the consequences, choosing a lawyer to represent your best interests is the next step. 

“Like every profession, lawyers choose an advanced specialty to better serve the concerns of those people affected. Rogers & Company Professional Corporation is a small powerhouse law firm passionate about employment law, providing practical, efficient and quality service.” 
“Your success is reflected as our success.”

Employment Contracts: Preparing, Reviewing, and Disputing.

Employment contractsAt its base, an employment contract is a legal document that lays out the terms of employment for the new employee to review. 

The following topics are usually part of a contract: an employee’s expected performance responsibilities, guidelines regarding sick or personal days, employee benefits and premiums, how workplace disputes can be resolved, non-compete clauses, non-disclosure clauses, termination clauses, and terms of severance. 

Read the government of Canada’s determination of a relationship between an employer and an employee.

Because the employer usually prepares them, contracts typically favour the employer’s interest and work to limit the employer’s obligations. That is not to say that employment contracts are created to harm an employee, but rather that it is essential for an employee to ensure a thorough review of the contract and request the removal or modification of any clauses that are not agreeable.  Employees often forget that employment contracts are open for negotiation and should be reviewed critically before they are executed. 

“If you see areas of potential dispute as an employer or employee, please call Ethan Rogers’ ‘Free Advice Quick-Call’ at (905) 901 3685.”

“We specialize in conflict resolution.”




I’m having a Dispute With my Neighbour. Should I Involve a Lawyer?

Two People shaking hands on a cricket fieldIt seems that calling someone to help us during our neighbour-to-neighbour dispute should be possible, but police will always try to avoid these arguments. This is why, unless the boundary line is the dispute, strong fences work well between neighbours to help each party tolerate the others’ differences. 

Getting to know your neighbour at the outset is the very best way to be able to modify future problems. We all want to be understood and liked, and knowing someone has gone out of their way to acknowledge us changes viewpoints at the very beginning.

Suppose you find yourself involved in a neighbour concern that has taken a turn toward verbal or psychological abuse, where one person’s restraint is not rectifying the damage (damage must be proven). In that case, you have recourse to involve a lawyer to sue for damages. 

However, arbitration and communication between the parties’ lawyers are typically how most disputes end.

“While we always attempt to resolve concerns through conflict resolution, we will efficiently pursue litigation where the opposing party refuses to resolve the issues on reasonable terms.”






To Resolve an Employment Case, Does it Go to Trial? And, Won’t Any Outcome Make my Workplace Awkward?


To Resolve an Employment Case, Does it Go to Trial? And, Won’t Any Outcome Make my Workplace Awkward? - Rogers & Company Professional CorporationAn imposing building like a courthouse encourages formidable and intimidating thoughts that keep many people from contacting an employment lawyer.

Employment lawyers are invested in using efficiency to resolve employment disputes. The vast majority of cases are handled through negotiations between lawyers. 

We seek to make these interactions easy, cost-effective, and favourable for our clients. We know how stressful litigation of any form is for everyone directly involved. However, we also have significant experience with situations where employees return to the same workplace after resolution of the employment dispute and we can effectively advise you on how to handle the post-dispute environment at your workplace. 

“We advise you throughout the process of your case’s continued strength or possible weakness, and the potential viability of your case is communicated honestly as new facts are introduced. You can choose to settle or continue forward at any point.”





How to Address and Diffuse Conflict at Work – Conflict Management.


How to Address and Diffuse Conflict at Work - Conflict Management. Rogers & Company Professional CorporationIt is common for two people to see the same scenario entirely differently; it appears to be a fundamental aspect of being human. We all have biases, and of course, our biases are leaned toward our personal experiences.

Most people will do anything to avoid conflict at work, as a way to belong and not be ostracized by others. But avoiding conflict can add to workplace pressures.

Understanding conflict management is necessary to be a good leader and manager, and there are strategies available to help learn how to resolve conflicts at your workplace.

“Some possible side effects of conflict avoidance are high turnover, a non-adaptive workplace, loss of productivity, and artificial communications. When a company loses its reputation as a good place to be employed, it becomes more difficult to attract top performers.”

“If problems at work are never exposed, how can a business improve?”




Is There a Mobile Notary Service Near Oakville?

Mobile Notary Service Near Oakville - Rogers & Company Professional CorporationTo notarize the signing of a legal paper is to witness, certify, or attest to a document’s execution, and certify the document’s authenticity. 

Notary services are available; however, typically, the staff are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice on your signing documents. 

Rogers & Company Professional Corporation assists you with the preparation and execution of any of the following documents: Swearing of Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Travel Consent Authorizations, Letters of Invitation and Authentication of Copies of Documents.

Please call our friendly staff to make an appointment with our mobile notary service. We will prepare your documents,  attest to the legal validity of documents, or witness your document signing. 

“If you live in the Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, or Burlington area and require the services of a legal notary service, we will travel to you with our mobile notary service.”





Fighting Fraud and Misrepresentation in Ontario.

Fighting Fraud and Misrepresentation in Ontario - Rogers & Company Professional CorporationMisrepresentation is an untrue or misleading statement made during negotiations by one party to another, inducing the other party to enter into a contract.

Fraud in business transactions and general financial fraud are becoming more common everywhere, including in Ontario. 

Although the following is only a basic explanation, fraud is generally defined as a false representation made knowingly or recklessly which induces the victim to act detrimentally. 

Misrepresentation or falsification of business financial statements, overstatement or understatement of revenue or expenses, inventory falsification, clandestine dealings, or misrepresenting commissions are some examples of fraud. 

“Litigation in a potential fraud or misrepresentation case can be a stressful and unnecessarily shameful time for the victim. We employ junior lawyers and law clerks for basic tasks to ensure maximum spending efficiency, and a senior lawyer when necessary for all of our litigation cases.” 

See our many 5-star testimonials here.


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